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I recently purchased a Filemate 60gb hard drive with external mini USB connector, I tried this HDD on my desktop initially.

It was easy just plug and play. Dint had to go with the messy wired structures.

Some hard drive which doesn’t have USB connectors and connecting these HDD manually becomes a complex stuff.

Here are some tips on how you can check the connected HD is working properly or not.

First check if the physical connections are correctly connected

Turn on the computer

While booting up the computer check the new HD it will be seen in the BIOS setup the “first black screen” showing the connected devices to the computer. Now that the computer has booted up (started) check the memory and check if the new drive has been added or not .ie .C:,D:,E: …


If it shows a new hard drive, check the memory of that drive. If it is the same as provided by the manufacturer, then HDD is successfully installed on the computer.

If NO:

If not, try restarting the computer and check it once again (usually computer automatically detects the hard drive at boot) If it’s still not installed

Still NO:

Check the BIOS. (Its simple)

1> As soon as the computer starts when the computer shows the black screen .keep hitting the f8 key, the system will automatically go to

the BIOS setup, using the arrow key find and load the “Default settings” (Bios differs for different motherboard/companies) save and exit.

2> The computer will restart automatically. check if you have see the hard drive in BIOS ?

NO scoop ?

3> Check if all the connections are correct. If they are then try reconnecting them so that any minor connection problem will be resolved.

4> Remove the HD from the desktop and test it in an external USB enclosure. You can buy this enclosure in any local computer store

5> Connect this enclosure to another working computer.

If you can access the hard drive when connected to another computer using a enclosure then the problem is in the motherboard.

If HDD doesn’t work in enclosure then probably it is a problem of bad HD.

In that case ask for replacement from the seller or from the HDD manufacturer for replacement Or contact a local Technician Near your city for Irvine,Brea,Montclair and torrance check this

If you want to buy an enclosure for your HDD check.

It is better to buy an External Hard Drive Like the one that I bought Filemate hard drive, easy to plug in the USB port and it gives very less noise. Can be carried to places, it can also be connected to another computer or laptop without any Hassel.


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